OECD Countries, China, India have different Strategies for Thailand

Observing the Best Practices in OECD Countries and China, India strategies is the best for Thailand.

I agree with Mr. Eichengreen opinion …” Rather than restoring confidence in the United States’ setting a course for sustainable recovery from the financial (and policy) failures that precipitated the global financial crisis, the debt-ceiling deal last week has significantly elevated the probability of a double dip American recession and put on display for all to see the contemporary flaws in the American political system. The antics of the Congressional leadership and the cynical, half…” pertaining to the recent debt ceiling debate..

Syu Jeng-Chyang


About udonthaniblog

I am a Ph.D Candidate at Udon Thani Rajabhat University major Development Strategy The Group of Twenty Nations G-20.
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