South African President and hero of the anti-apartheid movement Nelson Mandela, Opinion

The lady said it better than I could from Thunderbird, Arizona….

“Heather Jackson, a rising senior at Arizona State University, will be an intern in Obama’s press office this fall and watching the film made her more excited than ever to have such a rare opportunity.

“Seeing the way that Michelle Obama cared so much and the way she was portrayed mentoring the youth and caring for them and how they reacted to that inspired me because even as she said, when you just love on a young adult or you show them some attention you can tell sincerity. I can tell when people are sincere with me,” said Jackson. “The fact that she’s so caring and people like that still exist and she’s the first lady of the United States–the way it was captured really did move me.”

Jackson also applauded BET News’ new initiative to produce more deeply reported documentaries that take viewers into the lives of others and elicit visceral reactions.”



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I am a Ph.D Candidate at Udon Thani Rajabhat University major Development Strategy The Group of Twenty Nations G-20.
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