IMF Chief, You must bail out the banks again

Protection for Greece and other indebted countries was not just a matter of economics, she said: it was also a way to keep countries together that had spent several centuries fighting each other.

Her philosophy is from Plato, “what the Athenians believed – we must try to work in the best interests of everyone in the city.”

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The Warnings of the G20

Prime Minister David Cameron signed his name to a letter also signed by the leaders of Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Mexico and South Korea. The letter warns that recovery will be “difficult”, while there is “limited room for manoeuvre”. The G20 leaders insist an agreement must be reached at the G20’s November summit.

The problem is the letter, not signed by the US or any eurozone state, urges swift action from Washington to put public finances on a sustainable path.

“For the US and many advanced economies the path out of the deep and prolonged recession will be difficult,” warns the letter. “This will impact on growth in emerging markets, and there is more limited room for manoeuvre than in 2009”.
PM David Cameron

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The Kitchen Tables Americans Sit Around…Do you agree…

First table, you deserve it, so much smarter than everyone else.
Second table, not working hard enough…
Third table, just plain lazy…

Discussion: Do you agree?

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Augmented Reality, ASEAN, Udon Thani, Thailand

A short video introducing Augmented Reality.

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Mobile Site Thailand

Blogger for the G20

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This Discussion on Healthcare Continues

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No G20 Communique ” You are on your own”

This weeks’ meeting of the G20 in Washington, DC is apparently hidden and is not transparent in the open agenda of collaboration. The results is a private dinner meeting of the G20 Finance Ministers and central bankers to discuss secretly the global crisis.

France the G20 chair, will issue on communique on the developments after the meeting on September 23. Collaboration will have to wait or one can participate at the young entrepreneurs G20 meeting. The division of labor is alive and well and permanently unemployment issues will have to wait.

IMF and other issues such as health care

The US debate between the uninsured and dying…

China and the Economy….

Is supposed to be Collaboration or the World has forgotten about spring time in Thailand..

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