This Discussion on Healthcare Continues

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No G20 Communique ” You are on your own”

This weeks’ meeting of the G20 in Washington, DC is apparently hidden and is not transparent in the open agenda of collaboration. The results is a private dinner meeting of the G20 Finance Ministers and central bankers to discuss secretly the global crisis.

France the G20 chair, will issue on communique on the developments after the meeting on September 23. Collaboration will have to wait or one can participate at the young entrepreneurs G20 meeting. The division of labor is alive and well and permanently unemployment issues will have to wait.

IMF and other issues such as health care

The US debate between the uninsured and dying…

China and the Economy….

Is supposed to be Collaboration or the World has forgotten about spring time in Thailand..

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Mobile Rajabhat University Research Site


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Chart of the Day

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Singapore New President

From the press release
1. This is the first Presidential Election in 18 years. It is good that Singaporeans have had the chance to vote for their next President, and to focus on what the elected President is about. I thank the four candidates for putting themselves forward.
2. Voters have chosen Dr Tony Tan as our Head of State, to represent us at home and abroad, and to exercise custodial powers, including over reserves and key appointments.
3. This was an intensely fought election, and the result was very close. Dr Tony Tan and Dr Tan Cheng Bock (who had the next highest number of votes) both conveyed strong unifying messages, and declared their intention to work closely with the Government. Both have long records of public service – Dr Tony Tan in many roles in Government, and Dr Tan Cheng Bock as a highly respected backbench MP. It is reassuring that Singaporean voters recognised and valued their strengths, as well as their inclusive approach.
4. Voters faced a difficult choice between Dr Tony Tan and Dr Tan Cheng Bock. This explains why the winning margin is so narrow, and why the winner only gained slightly more than one-third of the total votes. Nevertheless, under our first-past-the-post system, the election has produced an unambiguous winner, who has the mandate to be the next President.
5. I have called Dr Tony Tan to congratulate him on his election, and assure him of my Government’s full cooperation. I also called Dr Tan Cheng Bock to thank him and his supporters for having fought an effective and dignified campaign.
6. Now that the election is over, we should all come together again as Singa­poreans, to tackle the challenges that Singa­pore faces, and take our nation forward.
Congratulations from Syu Jeng-Chyang

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Taiwan ROC and Thailand

The National Taiwan University Hospital claims that the error occurred when a hospital staffer misheard the donor’s test results over the telephone and never double-checked his status before harvesting the organs is an accident most people do not go to Taiwan for medical treatment.

Taiwan is confused with Thailand that does practice “Medical Tourism” becaused of the 100 Baht medical treatment started under PM Thaksin now is bankrupt. If one thinks about it what kind of care one gets for $3 a month in Thailand.Taiwan’s system of healthcare is modeled after the US medicare.

Do not confuse between Taiwan who has the best in the world with Thailand which practices “Medical Tourism”
based on a cheap price for foreigners.

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South African President and hero of the anti-apartheid movement Nelson Mandela, Opinion

The lady said it better than I could from Thunderbird, Arizona….

“Heather Jackson, a rising senior at Arizona State University, will be an intern in Obama’s press office this fall and watching the film made her more excited than ever to have such a rare opportunity.

“Seeing the way that Michelle Obama cared so much and the way she was portrayed mentoring the youth and caring for them and how they reacted to that inspired me because even as she said, when you just love on a young adult or you show them some attention you can tell sincerity. I can tell when people are sincere with me,” said Jackson. “The fact that she’s so caring and people like that still exist and she’s the first lady of the United States–the way it was captured really did move me.”

Jackson also applauded BET News’ new initiative to produce more deeply reported documentaries that take viewers into the lives of others and elicit visceral reactions.”


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